The fastest way to sell a home. Guaranteed.

              Why Propzap?



              Sold In 24 Hours
              Cash Offers
              Know Your Sold Price
              Close In As Little As 3 Days
              No Tidying Or Prepping


              On Average Sold in 30-60+ Days
              May Not Sell At All
              May Have To Drop The Price
              Clean Every Time There's a Showing
              🙁 🙁

              For Sale By Owner

              90+ Days To Sell
              Mostly Curious Neighbours
              Tire Kickers and Time Wasters
              Clean Every Time There's a Showing

              Frequently Asked Questions

              "I can't believe how fast I sold my home! I called PropZap and by the end of the day I had a FIRM sale on my home! The closed in 15 days! I didn't have to tidy up, prep my home, or pay real estate commissions. It was fast, easy and simple!"Ashley W.

              PropZap vs Realtors

              • Have a Firm Sale in Less Than 24 Hours
              • We Can Close in under 7 Days
              • We Offer Fair Values
              • No Tidying or Prepping Needed



              Under 7 Days

              At PropZap, we buy houses fast! We can close in under 7 days. With Propzap, you can have your home sold the same day.

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              Avg. 30 Days

              Unlike PropZap, Realtors never know what your house is going to sell for. They can make a guess, but they can't offer you cash today. Plus you have to go through the head ache and hassles prepping for showings to people who may not buy your home.

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